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What fashion accessory is a must have this season? Eyebrow, of course!

There is not one particular eyebrow shape considered the latest trend, at Maxitan™ the focus is on having a shape created to suit the person’s face. A professional eyebrow shape can make all the difference when creating an extra lift to the eye area. With this in mind Maxitan™ owner Anastasia Soulios has dedicated time to offering her clients a personalised and expert advice to create a look that is natural and flattering to the human eye. Anastasia's clients notice how her attention to detail when creating the perfect eyebrow shape, is now more of a make-over for the fashion conscious. Anastasia claims, “Everyone is unique and I take an artistic approach when creating what I consider to be the most important aspect to the perfect eyebrows — a natural look. I combine a wax and tweezers technique to shape the eye and may colour to offset the overall natural look. My clients will notice how a tidy, well groomed natural-looking eyebrow shape refreshes the face and provides the ‘extra‘lift to the eye area.” Become part of the growing Maxitan™ clientele by booking an individual consultation with Anastasia Soulios. Her loyal customer base is a testament to the personalised beauty therapy that has people booking well in advance.

If you’ve let your eyebrows do their own thing for a while, they probably deserve some attention and some extra assistance to get them back on track so you can look fabulous. Anastasia uses two different methods, when creating the perfect eyebrow shape, starting with plucking, to have total control when creating the perfect shape, followed by waxing to pick up those extra valous hairs. If needed, tinting  to really define and thicken the final shape.

Eyelash tinting $30

At Maxitan™ luscious tints in black, brown or blue-black, you'll have lashes worth flashing in next to no time. Expect flirty lashes- what are you waiting for? Take care of your eyelashes with us. Wink your eyelashes happily ever after!

Eyebrow tinting $20

At Maxitan™ you need the perfect colour brow at the right tint intensity to really get the best definition around your eyes. For fairer and darker-haired guests alike, this treatment works because it gives your brows greater visual impact and better shape definition Tints come in a variety of shades and last for 2-4 weeks so try one on for size - you'll be charmed with your new look. Speak to one our staff and book with us.

Eyebrow & Eye Lash Tint Combo - $65

You’ll love your new lashes and brows with this great Maxitan™ Combo package.

Maxitan™ eyebrow and eyelash tint will expertly frame and ‘set-off’ your eyes beautifully. Enjoy as a single treatment, or spoil yourself and add it as a special treat with your next facial treatment. Get those compliments you know you deserve from us and save money!!!

Eyebrow sculpting $45

If you've let your eyebrows do their own thing for while, they probably deserve some attention and some extra assistance to get them back on track so you can look fabulous. Your eyebrow sculpting is followed by Anastasia Soulios, an eyebrow specialist keen to get you what you deserve. Anastasia Soulios uses only the finest quality hot wax to ensure higher accuracy is combined with her eyebrow expertise. Your eyebrow waxing care is completed with a light covering of good-for-your-skin to reduce redness, calm and soothe and leave you looking your best. Ask Anastasia Soulios her professional opinion on how to improve your eyebrow sculpting.

Eyebrows Shape + Eyebrow tinting $60

Maxitan™ defines the brows by sculpting and tinting to frame the face by combining the expertise of a professional, to design a shape and colour that suits you.


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